Electrical equipment Inspection robot S3.3 SERIES

Electrical Substation Inspection Robot S3.3

The robot comes equipped with a dual PTZ camera comprising a thermal measurement camera and a high-resolution optical range camera. Within the S3.3 model, automated navigation along pre-programmed routes is a key feature. It halts adjacent to electrical and other equipment that undergoes thermography, aligning a PTZ camera with it. Subsequently, the manual remote control mode of the PTZ camera is initiated, enabling remote operators to conduct thorough equipment inspections via both visible and infrared video feeds. Once the operator-controlled inspection concludes, the robot seamlessly resumes its automatic traversal to the subsequent equipment point.


Robot’s Applications

The application scope of the Electrical Equipment Inspection Robot is comprehensive and diverse, encompassing critical areas such as electrical substation and solar power plant inspections. With a specialized focus on commercial infrared thermography and the infrared inspection of electrical equipment, this robot plays a pivotal role in ensuring the operational integrity of power generation and heating plants, encompassing components like motors, pumps, and transformers. Its capabilities extend to encompass high-voltage power and distribution devices, making it an invaluable asset in maintaining the safety and efficiency of these systems.

  • Mobile Intelligent
                                                        Surveillance with Video Content Analytics

    Electrical substation inspection

  • Detecting people
                                                        within a 100 meters & facial recognition up to 50 meters

    Solar power plant inspection

  • Detecting weapons,

    Power generation and heating plants (thermography motors, pump, transformer)

  • Automatic charging
                                                        at surveillance positions

    Electrical equipment infrared Inspection


SMP S3.3 Key features of Outdoor Electrical Inspection robots



Automated Thermography and Infrared Inspection

Detailed thermography of all electrical systems of industrial facilities

The S3.3 Robot is purpose-built for the automated assessment of outdoor electrical equipment through its integration of thermal and visual cameras. Navigating along pre-set paths, the robot conducts comprehensive inspections of all equipment components from various angles. Halted at programmed waypoints, its mast-mounted PTZ camera scans for QR markers affixed to the inspected apparatus—ranging from transformers and high voltage insulators to switches, motors, pumps, and compressors. These QR tags are sizable plastic stickers measuring 200x200mm.

Once identified, the PTZ camera precisely targets the equipment, utilizing a thermal camera to gauge its temperature. This thermal image is relayed to the operator who, if required, can switch to manual inspection mode. Following examination, the robot resumes its automated route. Equipped with a high-quality microphone on its mast, the robot detects auditory anomalies during electrical equipment operation. Skilled operators can discern abnormal sounds, indicating malfunctions or overloads in the equipment. The robot's design is engineered to withstand elevated ambient temperatures, and its elevated inspection camera height facilitates the diagnosis of photovoltaic panels in solar power plants. The overall design of this security robot assures dependable mobility while fulfilling its intended role.


Electrical Equipment Inspection and Video observation

Automatic survey of electrical equipmentby a remote operator

The S3.3 mobile robot exhibits the capability to conduct inspections autonomously within industrial settings, eliminating the need for operator presence. It achieves automatic movement via satellite and visual motion control systems, adeptly maneuvering around obstacles encountered along its path. Detection of moving objects, individuals, or vehicles prompts the robot to halt until their clearance. Battery recharging occurs seamlessly through the automated charging station.

For data transmission, the robot employs Wi-Fi or 4G wireless Internet channels. This system's software enables remote control of the robot's operations via an Internet-connected PC. In instances of unexpected power outages, the robot can utilize its built-in rechargeable batteries for equipment inspection. The mast of the robot houses six high-resolution cameras positioned in a circular arrangement, enabling swift panoramic surveys. Additionally, the PTZ inspection camera within the visible range offers 30x zoom capability, facilitating detailed examination of distant objects.

The robot's video camera surveillance serves dual purposes—routine inspections and emergency evaluations of malfunctioned electrical equipment. Crafted from fiberglass and shielded with electromagnetic field-resistant coating, the robot remains operational even in proximity to high-voltage equipment and electrical lines. It specializes in detailed thermography of industrial electrical systems, offering comprehensive insights. Moreover, it facilitates remote operator-led surveys of electrical equipment.



Specifications of S3.3 Robot

Specifications are projected and subject to change at any timeand depend on configuration.

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