Argus 2023 S5.3 IS IR

S 5 .3

Argus 2023 S5.#-IS-IR


Argus 2023 S5.3 IS IR — Thermal imaging dual-spectrum security robot

Version S5.3 is designed for use in places where heavy equipment (bulldozers, excavators, trucks) can be located. The S5.3 is equipped with an optional overhead obstacle detector. In the case of moving objects, the robot slows down and stops much earlier than S5.2. In addition, S5.3 is able to detect obstacles hanging above the ground. For example, the bumpers of articulated dump trucks.


Argus robot’s applications

The application of the Argus encompasses a wide range of scenarios, such as safeguarding perimeters and fence lines, enhancing border patrol and Homeland security efforts, bolstering security in correctional facilities and prisons, ensuring the protection of critical infrastructure, and elevating security measures at airports and maritime terminals.

  • Protecting perimeters and fence lines

    Protecting perimeters and fence lines

  • Border patrol, Homeland security

    Border patrol, Homeland security

  • Correctional facilities, prisons

    Correctional facilities, prisons

  • Critical infrastructure protection

    Critical infrastructure protection

  • Airports and maritime terminals

    Airports and maritime terminals



Robotic protection of territories and perimeters

The robot “Argus” is designed for automatic patrolling of territories. Carry out video surveillance at a distance of up to 100 meters and automatic detection of people at a distance of up to 50 meters.

“Argus” is able to move in complete darkness and detect people in unlit places using a thermal imaging camera. The robot automatically moves along the programmed route, stops at the specified positions. The PTZ camera rotates and detects people, and when they are reliably detected, an alarm is sent to the operator. One operator can control up to 10 robots. At a distance of up to 20 meters, the robot continuously observes the space with six (6) all-round cameras and, when a person is detected, points the PTC camera at him. If necessary, the operator can use the manual control mode of the camera.

A highly sensitive microphone is placed on the mast of the robot. It provides the operator with the ability to control the acoustic environment around the robot; this is especially true in conditions of poor lighting or limited visibility. Reliable protection of large areas requires the use of several robots. For their joint work, the mode of automatic control of patrol routes is used. In this mode, robots are evenly distributed over the territory. When one of the robots needs charging, the remaining robots patrol its part of the protected area. To prevent intrusions the robot is equipped with a horn loudspeaker, sirens and an acoustic intercom as standard. To protect critical objects from the crowd, the robot can be additionally equipped with non-lethal weapons: LED incapacitator, green laser dazzler, pepper spray, super bright flashlight.


Automatic patrol of the protected area

The Argus is capable of patrolling outdoors around the clock, day and night, in bright sunshine or rain. The automatic movement of the robot is provided by a satellite and visual motion control system.

If there are obstacles in the way of the robot, it bypasses them. When moving objects, people or cars are detected, the robot stops until they clear the path of movement. For continuous round-24/7 operation of robots, regular charging of their batteries is necessary. The robot does this automatically. When the batteries are low, the robot moves to the automatic charging station, stops there and, while charging the batteries, continues to conduct intelligent video surveillance. Transmission of video, location and status coordinates robotics is carried out via wireless internet Wi-Fi or 4G channels.The software allows you to control the operation of the robot remotely via a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

The presence of the operator at the protected object is not required. The operator can be in a remote monitoring center and, if necessary, call an alarm group to a protected facility. The robot video surveillance software supports the ONVIF protocol. Provides quick integration into existing fixed CMS video surveillance systems. The security robot allows you to significantly reduce, and in some cases even refuse the constant presence of guards in the protected area. All that is needed for the reliable operation of robotic security is a wireless communication channel and electricity. The design of the robot allows it to move reliably on all types of road surfaces and work in a wide temperature range. The robot requires minimal regular maintenance and is equipped with a self-diagnosis.


Smart surveillance & recognition by PTZ camera

Our security solutions leverage a formidable array of technologies, ranging from AI-driven robots dedicated to safeguarding critical infrastructure, to cutting-edge deep learning algorithms enabling precise detection of firearms. With AI's discerning eye, we identify suspicious behavior and violent individuals, while harnessing the power of big data surveillance to empower law enforcement. Our commitment to innovation ensures a safer future.



Specifications of Argus Security Robot

The Comparative Characteristics of Security Robots

2023 SMP S5.2-IR-IS
2023 SMP S5.3-IR-IS
2023 SMP S5.3-PTZ-IS
360-degree video surveillance by six (6) 720P panoramic cameras
High sensitivity microphone
Human and face detection on PTZ and panoramic cameras
Two (2) embedded computers T9
Edge recording H.264
Sounds notification
IP intercom
Rear obstacle avoidance visual system
Laser Road lighting
Alarm siren
Horn loudspeaker
Front and rear top stereo cameras with obstacle avoidance visual system
Distant object motion detector

Specifications are projected and subject to change at any timeand depend on configuration.

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