Advanced Security Robotics Systems

Setting a New Benchmark for Robotics Security Standards

In the domain of advanced security solutions, the SMP Robotics intelligent robotic system represents the epitome of innovation, delivering a range of state-of-the-art features that together offer an unparalleled level of security. With a firm focus on effortless cooperation and high-tech functionality, our robots redefine the field of security management.

Transforming Surveillance and Patrols Through Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Crafted for operation in the most demanding environments, our system harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to transform surveillance and patrolling. Envision a system that provides complete autonomous patrolling, around the clock, without the need for breaks. This exceptional dedication to vigilant protection is augmented by the strength of swarm intelligence. Our robots operate as a unified entity, communicating effortlessly to share data and intruder details, guaranteeing dependable group patrolling across vast expanses.

Elevated Security through AI-Enabled Cameras and MESH Network for Comprehensive Surveillance

Our panoramic video surveillance system, featuring a PTZ camera, ensures all-encompassing coverage, and our support for the Wi-Fi MESH network boosts connectivity throughout the deployment area. The incorporation of artificial intelligence in our cameras brings advanced capabilities in human face, mask, and temperature recognition, strengthening intelligent security measures. This also extends to recognizing staff members through facial and uniform recognition, fostering a proactive approach to access control.

Advanced AI for Patrolling and Obstacle Avoidance

Advanced obstacle avoidance and anti-collision systems, combined with the capability to conquer obstacles as high as 7 inches, guarantee uninterrupted patrols even in challenging terrains. The cloud data integration seamlessly syncs our system with your current infrastructure, and our compatibility with various VMS platforms establishes a unified security network. Our commitment to standards is evident through our comprehensive support of ONVIF standards, ensuring the interoperability of our solution.

Relentless Performance in Challenging Environments and Low-Light Scenarios

Through extreme weather and rugged landscapes, our robots stand resolute. They operate effectively in temperatures spanning from -31°F to 131°F, all while maintaining excellent obstacle detection abilities. Illuminating dim areas is seamlessly accomplished with our infrared lighting, and an impressive 12 hours of autonomous patrolling per battery charge guarantees uninterrupted coverage.

Encompassing attributes like auto-recharging, IP65 waterproof and dust-resistant design, effortless deployment, continuous 24/7 virtual monitoring, and an all-inclusive warranty, our smart robotics system epitomizes the next generation of security technology.

Elevate your security framework with our solution that excels in intelligence, durability, and effectiveness, shaping a safer future.

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